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In my 95 Taurus GL (3.8L V6), whenever the engine has warmed up, the engine sounds rahter noisy, almost like a sort of clicking sound. It's sort of hard to describe, but it has been happening for about a year now. Since that time, I have found out a little more information which may help to diagnose the problem:

1. The noise only happens when the engine is warm, and not during initial starup (which may rule out bearings).

2. The higher viscosity of engine oil that i put in, the louder the noise seems to be.

I just performed a Seafoam treatment on the vehicle last week, and afterwards the noise disappeared. However, this was probably due the the fact the Seafoam thinned out the oil, as when I cahnged the oil the noise reappeared. I originally thought the oil pump was the problem, and changed this out but did not get rid of the problem. So, what I am now thinking is that the engine may be "starved" of oil to the valves, lifter, etc, as the noise seem to originate from there. My next assumption would be that the oil pump pickup tube within the crankcase may be faulty, as this seems like the next likely step. The pickup tube screen may be blocked as well, but have not checked this out yet (need to drop oil pan first). Other than this, the car seems to run without issue, but would like to get this issue addressed first. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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