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At first it seemed the noise could only be heard while making slow left turns and while braking I know the brake pads aren't worn I replaced them 20,000 miles ago and checked them after the problem began they were over 6mm Now there is a grinding noise whenever the wheel is turning and there is a grinding noise when I hit the brakes at slow speeds at least thats the only time I can hear it any help would be appeciated Thank you for your reply
It could just be the pad/rotor combination making noise. I used to have brakes that did that. They made noise but there was nothing wrong. It especially does it if you get a high metallic pad, or if a caliper is slightly sticky it may do it when certain forces are put on the suspension. My Raybestos pads on my Ranger did it all the time.

It's up to you if you do this, but mine failed @ 104k miles with a broken impeller.
$hit, you mean to tell me this is ANOTHER thing I need to do to this thing? I still haven't cleaned up my intake, added a new trans cooler, change the air filter, change the oil (again), a new belt, etc. Plus I just bought brakes for my MPV. My wife's gonna have a heart attack because of all the money we don't have that I will be dumping into this thing.

EDIT: How come I never spent this much money maintaining my 89' Escort or my 94' Ranger? Even after rebulding the head and replacing the clutch in my Escort I didn't spend this much.
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