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Noise Coming From The Rear

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I was hearing a noise when I was turning, going over bumps, and accelerating. It was a jumbling/rumbling sound, kind of like if a cylinder was rolling, and something was loose on the inside and bouncing around inside of it. I pulled everything out the trunk and still hear it.
How much is this gonna cost me?!?

Also its a 2001 Sable with about 65k on it.
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My bad for posting twice... I got a message saying over 30 seconds... Time out or something
Forgive the possibly stupid question, but when you emptied the trunk did you also check the spare tire well?

One other common source of noise is in the rear end are the anti-sway bar endlinks. However, they don't make a rolling sound, it's more of a clunking, but sounds are difficult to describe, so I'll mention it anyway. The stock endlinks are weak and will snap, they then flap around during dips and curves.
Yes along with empting the trunk i also took out the spare and jack. I went for a ride and listened to it again today. Its nothing really super loud. Its subtle. Like something is loose.
Are you sure it's coming from the rear? It shounds like it might be the C.V. joints.

EDIT: welcome to the TCCA!
Welcome, also check your sway bar endlinks as one might have broken. Thats what it sounds like to me.

I had a similar problem with my 2001 sable. There is a piece of metal in the latch that keeps the trunk closed that wiggles loose. I used some rubber cement on it, and the rattling went away.
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This is expensive, it is gonna cost your first born child!

No but for real, depends on what the problem is for the cost. You are a bit vague, is this noise JUST in the trunk? Possible it could be coming from the rear brakes or bearings (just a speculation, don't fret)
I doubt the CV joints would be bad that soon....It took me 130k + spinning 3 times doing 90 and then running into a curb going 45 after i decided to take a nap at the wheel ( I wasnt having a good week) to kill my passenger's joint.

Sway bar links? Possible...my Grandma's broke at 76k on her '98 Taurus, and mine have been busted for a while...but I'm installing new ones this week.

...The trunk latch? No idea...but I would start there. Heres a link to a picture of a busted link tho... the 2 big washers and the bolt busted right off.
Well i jacked the car up last night and had a look. I can't find anything under the car broke. I also went with a ride with someone and the other person thought it was coming from more the front right.

So frustrating. I am happy that its nothing major (as far as I can tell). I will look at it again today a little more throughly.

Thanks Guys
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