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No Start

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[SIZE=Hello I can not figure out what happened to my Taurus. The situation is My girlfriend was driving down the freeway going about 75mph, when her Upper raditor Hose busted. On a 3.0L V6 GL, Coolant went everywhere from her dist cap wires, air filter, everywhere on the driver side of engine. I taped up the hose added coolant, on the road. Would not start. It would crank and try to start but wouldn't. I Pulled it off the free way. Oh yeah I think my girlfriend flooded it. Let it sit over night. still no start. Towed it to a garage where i replaced the plugs, wires, Dist cap and rotor. The dist cap i bought had the vent on the wrong side i dont think that would have anyhting thing to do with it. Still will not start. When pulling the plugs found all plugs fouled and full of fuel and oil. Try to arch the spark plugs there was no spark. Does anyone have any ideas what i could be doing wrong. People have said in that the fuel filter or pump could be bad, but would that be a coincedense that that would happen? Can someone help me Please?

OK I have replaced the plugs, wires, Cap and rotor, and the ignition coil and my ecm under the distributor passed the test. I got the engine to start for a little bit but it fried the alternator. I will replace the alternator. But why wont the engine stay running. I am going to try the fuel pump cut off switch in the trunk, but if that doesn't work what could it be. well the button is pushed in so that can't be it. Oh yeah when i tried to light the old plugs they did not burn nor did they evaporate. I know that is is a little fuel and a little oil. Could the timing be off. When it runs for the short amount of time it sounds like the timing is off. I can't figure it out. Can someone help?

I have More when the coolant hose burst. is there a sensor or something that would cause the engine not to start due the low coolant. I do have very low coolant would that have anything to with not strting. I have done everything i can think of. Can someone out there help me.

These are some responses i have had in a different forum:

try the fuel cut-off switch in the trunk that shuts off the fuel to the engine during a jolt to the car,possibly during tow. Its a little box,usually on the left side there is a button that wil pop out and needs to be pushed back in to bring fuel back to the engine

could be ur multi function relay, aka the black box on radiator support,try to check tward firewall for wiring harness if it doesn't start but turns over it is the realy box or that plug on tward the firewall on drivers side
If the fuel pump or fuel filter were bad, then the cylinders would not have been full/fouled with gas.

You were not pumping the gas when you were trying to start the car, were you? If you were, DON'T DO THAT.

You may have damaged the engine when the radiator hose burst. You need to make sure whether the liquid in the cylinders is fuel or coolant (bad headgasket.

First, carefully disconnect the electrical connectors from the fuel injectors, and dry out both the injector end and the electrical connectors on the wires.

Then, remove all of the spark plugs. Clean and dry all of them, and spinning the engine with the spark plugs out, for about 30 or 45 seconds to blow all of the liquid out.

Now put the spark plugs back in, try to start the engine. You should not need to pump the gas pedal. If the car starts, the problem was probably shorted fuel injectors due to moisture. If the car does not start, pull a spark plug and look for liquid shorting the center electrode to the side electrode. If you see this, that is why the car will not start. Light a match and see if the liquid burns or evaporates. If it burns, then you have a fuel injection system problem. If the liquid biols and evaporates, then the engine has one or more blown headgaskets, and you need to repair it, or replace it.


So if you have more input i would greatly appreceate it

Thank you
Scott & Shannon

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Well this is kindof a shot in the dark but is your oil milky in color? if so antifreeze and oil are mixed and you have a blown headgasket.
here you go:

Check the Idle Air Control valve and the MAF maybe coolent got on/in them and is causing issues.
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