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No More Rust?

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Kinda sounds like one of those Miracle Inventions you see advertised late night on infomercials. .... seems a bit sketchy to me. Personally, I think if you want your car to not rust, swap all metal parts with fiberglass
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Yea, it sounds shady. I guess in theory...it would work, but why dont more people have them if it works?
I can sell socks to a chicken but I don't think I could look anyone in the eye and convince them to buy this, well maybe with sunglasses
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I saw something like that attached to my friend's maxima and he still has rust.
He bought the car and it already had it on there. I think its a load of BS based on what i've seen.
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For what it's worth, I remember Jason King swore by this stuff:

On American Hot Rod the other night they sprayed the 56 with something like that as soon as it got back from the strippers.

Waste of money.... just wash regularly
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I have rad about this in chemistry. "Cathodic protection".... with all those equations..

so it doesnt work in practice...
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not a waste...had it on our van....paint peeled cause it was a dodge, and the exposed metal did noit rust for 4 years!

just pulled it off the van and am gonna put on my bull!

Its called cathodic protection, I couldnt think of the term before; and I know that it does indeed work. But something has to oxidize...and if its connected to the battery the internals of the battery will. Which = ($$). I am also concerned with how far the protection will reach. The furthur from the source the less protection...so the trunk may be vulnerable. Any comments?
Its kind of funny you started this topic because I manage the reconditioning department at out ford dealership and theeee best paint protector is duponts teflon coat (R-2000) they put a 10 year gaurentee on the bottle that says you will not see so much a one spec of rust on the vehicle. Also the teflon coat prevents oxidation up to 10 times as long as the clear coat. This stuff kicks a**.
Yea, I know what your saying...but 2004-1991 = >10 years.
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