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No Iowa In Midwest?

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Hey, I just noticed today that Iowa is no longer considered to be in the Midwest Chapter. Whats up with that? I kinda enjoyed being in the midwest. We have a lot of cool people. Mostly from michigan
. Can anyone fill me in?
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I had no clue it was removed from the Midwest chapter. I didnt' do it, when did this happen?
As far as I'm concerned you're still part. Where does it say Iowa isn't included?

BTW, I like your new sig Schimmel.
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thanks greenstreak. If you look in the member map. It says its part of the north region and it also says that no chapter has been formed. I think we might just as well throw it back in with the midwest. Anyone else agree?
if they throw iowa in the midwest, then they'd have to put Missouri, Minnesota, etc. in the midwest. I've been trying to get the north chapter started, but my attempts have gone unnoticed
I know. They were part of the Midwest before someone decided to take them out. I think we need to put them back in. I don't think we should break the club down anymore than it was before. Because, if I remember correctly, there really aren't a lot of people in the "North Region", so it would make any sort of meet kind of lame. I've been trying to make it to a Midwest meet, but with school, work, and my girlfriend its made it pretty hard. But hopefully that will all change this summer when I'm not going to school. Anyhow, I think we should just remove the North Region and put it back with the Midwest. Should we do a poll?
Maybe we should start the north chapter and hand out more flyers :)
I think a North Chapter would be pretty cool. I can't travel all that far, and having a North Chapter would make it alot easier to attend one if i wanted to.

Thats my opinion.

heres an idea let start a north section with a rep for every state

that ways everythings rather fair, also could go based on different counties in a state
I agree, we should have our own chapter. The midwest is a BIG area and we are spread out too much anyways. This would bring us closer together as a group, so we could have meets and stuff. On a side note I am going to the Chicago meet on 8/21. anybody else?

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