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Hey guys,
Got a 1997 Taurus GL with a OHV 3.0. Finally got the thing to blow some warm air after flushing the cooling system, now it appears we are having trouble with it not blowing enough. With the heater on high I get hardly any air coming out whether I have it set to defrost or vent or mix. I pulled the cabin air filter and it was partially plugged. Replaced it and still no air movement. The blower motor seems to function as it does sound like its reacting the way it should when I move the dial. I am sure it had this problem before the flush. Its my sisters car so I am trying to save her a few bucks. Any suggestions on what could possibly be the problem? I am going to tear into it Saturday night but would like some direction before I get all crazy on this thing. Maybe a plugged vent or something common?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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