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Hello, Im new to this site and happen to own a few taurus's...My primary taurus is a 1994, and i got tinted windows, a system, ps2, a t.v., its like a mobile movie theater..I also own a 1993 SHO...its an automatic, but that thing still hauls a**...and the newest edition is a 1999 Taurus..nothin special, its in PERFECT condition....I used to have a 2001 Taurus untill my lease was up then i decided to get a 2003 Explorer XLT, I'm not obsessed with taurus's, i just think they are dependable cars, and plus i get them for free thru my work...But see thats what happens when you want your transmission fixed and u dont pay me...i get the title to your car lol Well Im gunna jet now, Later.

You have all this stuff and can't afford a digital camera?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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