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Newbie Needs Lots Of Help!

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Hi I just got a '99 SE with a factory tape deck receiver. I am a real newbie when it comes to hooking things up and I came across this site and you guys really know your stuff. I was wanting to keep the factory receiver and hook up a Neo Changer 10 disc mp3 changer. I think I can do that. What I was wondering if the factory receiver has RCA output so I can hook up an amp and a couple of subs and if not how do I go about hooking them up? I also experience weak sound when I turn the reciever up. The bass becomes over-powering and the vocals lower. I read that people recommend getting new speakers, a new receiver, or amping them. I was wondering if an equalizer would work? If so, how do I hook it up? If I replace the factory speakers would I still get the low vocals? If I buy an amp for my subs could I hook up the new speakers to it? I really would like to keep the factory receiver (since it seems easiest), add a disc changer, replace the factory speakers, and put in an amp and two 10's. Sorry for all the questions, but I really need your help! :(
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For some great sound I would just upgrade your system. But I would think the sound would be weaker if you kept the original face plate. You can get an adapter.. the Scoche (??) kit doesn't look too much different from the factory head unit, except for the fact that it has the cut out for the CD player!

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The standard stereo in our Gen3's is pretty weak. Good luck getting enough power to run and amp and subs, I doubt it'd be a good idea. Like Ash said, you're better off buying a new head unit and installing it, which admittedly is a pain to do, but I'm sure most of the people on these boards could give you easy to follow instructions. Be prepared to pay about $70 for the Scosche kit, there is also one by a company called Metra, although i've never used one of their kits.

Edit: If you wan't to see pictures of how a new head unit will look in the dash check out my Garage. I have a few pictures that show my Pioneer that I installed last summer.
If you want to hook up an amp and subs to the factory stereo, you can. The sound quality will not be the greatest, but thats all up to you. If you want you could replace the front speakers with some good 6x8/5x7's, 5 1/4's, or 6 1/2's and remove the rear speakers and use the rear left and right channels to send a stereo signal to an amp powering 2 10" subs. For the front speakers, Boston Acoustics, Infinity, and CDT offer some good speakers for the price. You might want to look into an amp for the front speakers too. If you want to read the text from the Neo 10 disc mp3 changer, you will have to get an aftermarket head unit with an ability to do that. Also an aftermarket head unit will improve the sound quality of your music as an added benefit.
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