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Newbie Lookin For Ideas...help!

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Sup every1...just wanted to introduce myself and my car. My name is Josh and I live in Wilson, NC. I have a '97 Mercury Sable GS. It has a 3.0 V6 Vulcan. As far as engine and performance...its all stock. Interior, Ive installed an aftermarket cd player, subs and an amp. Its a Sony CD-M630 cd player, a 900 watt Rockford Punch amp, and two 12 inch Autotekk SS subs in a ported box. I also have two LED bars under the dash.

Ive recently decided to increase my cars performance rather then sell it. Im lookin for any input ya'll can give me. keep in mind...im not rich. Im saving up my money, so I'm open for all suggestions....but I prefer cheap upgrades for now. I know turbo/super chargers are an option...but not right now.

I found a short ram kit on draxas.com. Is it worth it?? What else do I need to install??

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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First off, welcome to the TCCA!

How much are you looking to spend per mod, or total, at this point? There are some things that can be done inexpensively, however some of them won't increase your performance at all.
Not really sure. Just kinda want to get a listof ideas and prices. Prioritise and save money. Then perform each upgrade as the money becomes available. However...increasing performance and sound is the main goal
start off with installing a K&N air filter. about $54 bux at Autozone. should be easy to install if it is similar to the taurus.
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