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I think I was here before, but if so, it was a while back, and who knows what transpired. Anyway, I'm here now, fellow Taurus Fiends!

I'm on Station wagon #3, an Emerald Green 1995, which I've had since 2011 and he's my baby! Fortunately, he has very low mileage and I probably treat him lbetter than i treat my hubby (don't tell hubby!)! I plan to drive it until I die (hopefully, not for a very long time)

The second one was an Electric Red 1995 SW that I got in 1997 for 4000 under book... because the lady who had it had no idea what a gem it was... Sadly, i had to let it go in 2010 and I thought my Taurus dream was finally over.

The first one... was a very, very high mileage 1987 that I got in 1995 with my tiny pennies that would not allow me to buy that lovely 1995 I wanted so bad, I actually worked for a Ford dealer for a month (The economy sucked, and i sucked at selling cars). I wrecked it in 97, and was grateful to graduate to the 95.

I fell in love with the 1986 Mercury/Taurus SW the first time I saw it, my first year in college... I wanted one from then on. I've seen cool cars since then, but haven't really wanted to own anything else.

I actually liked the looks of the mercury better than the Taurus, but the handling of the Taurus was much less 'squishy'. I don't like squishy! Once I drove a Taurus... I was Taurus girl forever!

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