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Bought a 2011 Taurus last month and found this site to be helpful. Need help/insight for some things, but also would like to help out where I can. I'm not a mechanic by any means but can share my experiences working on the car if it helps others.

I'm in the Pacific Northwest.

2011 Taurus Limited AWD 3.5L
68k miles
Black Leather, black wood-like paneling
Blind Spot Monitor
Adaptive Cruise
Collision Warning
Sony radio with speakers galore
Rain sensing wipers
Back up camera and sensors
Auto Highbeam
Voice nav...yadda yadda

I've been busy on the weekends taking good care of this car.

My work...
Changed front pads, resurfaced front rotors, Bleed breaks.
Oil Change (way easier then my '15 F150 5.0)
Coolant flush
Transmission flush (stealership)
K&N air filter
Cabin Air Filter change
New headlight bulbs, not too much better (man the stocks are terrible)
Husky floor liners (good buy!)
Full detail
Ozone treatment (previous smokers car smells like)
New wipers (wasn't easy at first to figure out lol)
Replaced tail light bulb

Upcoming coming work...
Differential fluid change
PTU fluid change, possible tap for drain plug
New spark plugs
middle console compartment door next to shifter, replace (currently missing)
TPMS light on dash
Aux and usb input not working
Bluetooth not working
Homelink lights up but wont program
Keypad works but cant program my own code (have factory code)
Need new tires from uneven wear (255/45/19 are expensive)
Trunk liner, or the spare tire "horseshoe" cover (currently missing, but a different car mat is in there)
Bad curb rash on two chrome clad 19" wheels

The stuff I have done to date is very easy, but let me know if I can help you by sharing my experience with what I have done thus far.

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