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New Tires

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(Just gotta say I love this forum, so informative!)

Anyways, I was wondering how wide of a tire I could put on my '95 Sable sedan (without it sticking out of the fender and looking wierd and unproportioal). Is there a method for finding out?

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Venom has been out resident wheel and tire expert... but....

Are you looking to try and sqeeze something on the stock rim, or are you replaceing them so you can fit a wider tire? If you buy rims with the right offset, you should be able to go as wide as 235. I think there may even be someone in a taurus running 245. Don't think it was a Gen 2 though.

I'm running 205/65 R15's now, so if I could squeeze out an extra inch or two on the rim while increasing the width where I can - I'd be happy. I probably won't end up with bling bling type rims, but black steel wheels look just as nice to me.
Being that you have stock 6" wide rims, I wouldn't go any wider than 225 - even then, that tire width is pushing the limit of the rims. Depending on the tire, the tire might look like puffy donuts when mounted on the rim. 225/60/15 is the right size for that width for our cars, it is nearly identical in diameter to stock.

You can also use 215/60/15 or 215/65/15, but the speedometer will be off by a couple of mph when you're going at 70 mph (ie, when the speedo says 70 mph, in reality you're going 68 or 72 mph depending on the aspect ratio you choose).

I use this site for doing tire width calculations...

Ah, great.

Thanks for the info!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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