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New Subs In Da Bull

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I have never, ever had 12" Subs.
I've had Bazooka 8" Tubes (4 at once),
Bazooka 10' Tubes (6 at once
And the most recent were 2 MTX 10" (RT1002)

But now, I acquired two Bazooka EL1204 12" Subs.
I made my own 3/4" MDF Sealed Sub Box, (Two separate chambers) w/ 1.1 cu ft per Sub

Allz I can sez is WOW! And I haven't gotten my new (kinda) Amp yet, Bazooka ELA300.1 Still using the same old 1992 bought and paid for HiFonics Cyclops Mono Blk

I'm feelin' young again

I'm working all week, but will get pics up ASAP
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Here's my Subs in the yet to be carpeted box.


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And here's the Amp.

I will say before adding the amp, the old Cyclops was at full gain, and the subs hit very nice.
This amp is at 1/2 gain, and she hits very very nice.


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