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there are hundreds of alternatives to dynamat out there.

the most cost efficient thing to use actually comes from home depot, it is called peal and seal. it is dirt cheap, but the only problem is that the adhesive might not be strong enough for vertical surfaces. but it should hold plenty strong as long as you heat the metal surface before applying it. it will do wonders for all of your horizontal surfaces though.

whenever i deaden a car i use peal and seal on the floors, and then a product called raamat for everywhere else. the combo of those two is very cost efficient, and works excellent.

also look around the internet for brown bread, and e-dead. there are lots of others if you search on google for them.

just remember though, for best results you should heat up the metal before you apply the adhesive, this helps for a stronger adhesion.

good luck
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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