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New Problem.

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I have an 89 Sable 3.0. The problem is if the car is sitting idle in park with the A/C on, when the clutch engages the car adjusts fine but when the clutch disengages the car tries to stall. It does not have an MAF and the IAC is brand new along with everything else. Does anyone have any ideas what this might be ?
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It needs a valve stem Lubrication.
Or perhaps muffler bearings?

Or maybe, just do not run the A/C and on hot days, pretend it is nice and cool in the cab?
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So would throttle body cleaner be good enough for lubrication ? What the heck are muffler bearings ?
He's messing with you, Intelliforce. There's no such things as muffler bearings.
Well I was fooling around with it today and noticed that this is worse when the thermostat is closed and it's warming up. Once the thermostat opens the doesn't do it hardly at all. I'm at the point now where I will pay good money to find out what this is. Ford dealers and mechanics are no good. They find nothing. I'm at a loss.
It is the job of the IAC to control idle. When the A/C clutch engages the PCM will command the IAC to open more. When the clutch disengages it will command the IAC to close some. Something is causing your new IAC to hang up or open.

And here is a muffler bearing.


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Somebody has lots of time on their hands. Not to mention an old muffler and a bearing.

So what should I lube the IAC with ? Is throttle body cleaner good enough or will that just dry it up even more ?
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I was BS'ing about the valve stem lubrication - those things lube themselves from engine oil.
Use TB cleaner to clean the IAC valve. The IAC is bolted onto the side ot your TB (Throttle Body) with two bolts.
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