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I've just upgraded my power distribution block from a Rockford Fosgate with 1 - 4ga input to 2 - 8ga outputs. My new one is made by Voodoo and has 1 - 2/4ga input and 3 - 8ga & 1 4/8ga outputs. The main reasons why I bought this one is becuase, in the future, I will need the additional outputs and it also has a voltage display and fuse status indicator.

My concern is this: When I hook up the ground for the distro block (needed for the display) the display turns on. Whether the car is on or not this display will be on. The box said nothing like it would turn itself off when the power goes below a certain point or not. I'm going to assume that it will not.

Can I use some sort of relay to "turn on" (in this case, ground) the display so the display only works while the car is on?

My basic idea:
Ground---Relay---Ground from distro block
  ACC wire-/
If this will work, what type of relay would I need? I know very little (okay, nothing) about relays.

EDIT: Link to distro block


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A standard Bosch-type 12V automotive relay should work fine. Use your amp turn on line for the control line, and then run the ground through the switched line.
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