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2001 Ford Mustang. 2005 Harley Deluxe. 2016 Freightliber Cascadia.
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First pardon the bad quality it's a 20 dollar digital cam which is going back next week and I'll put a down payment on a real camera.

These first two show the white primer covering most of the half repaired body damage I fixed after I drop kicked the car,(long story don't ask) I have more to do to it. One more dent below to fix, and then leveling it out, and painting. The other shot is from the front end before I have the hood bolted down which willbe today when I get home from work as a few last minute things need to be taken care of, she should fire up tonight. WHEW

These next shots are my gauges, the interior, and the back end. The gauges I made that white overlay around them from sheet plastic. Soon it will have the black spiderwebbing to match the grill and the gauge surround.

Catch y'all later
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