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Howdy Y'all! Just picked up some mirros from the JY.

So, my '06 SE has the basicest mirrors you can get. Power adjustment, as all Tauruses are, that's it.
Of course, the new ones are fully loaded.

Housing: While the glass looks great, the plastic isn't quite as nice as my old ones. No major chips or scuffs. Nothing that completely eaten through the texture, anyway. I'm just wondering the best route to make it look good. Plastic restore? Cut the old ones the accommodate the new innards (and by that I mean the puddle lamps)? They seem to be less faded on the caps than the main housing (I stuck with matte black caps, just put new black headlight housings in and I'm really starting to dig the silver and flat black aesthetic).

Puddle Lamps: According to the forums, all '02 and onward should be plug and play. My voltmeter confirms this. My only real question with this is what color should they be? You'd think they'd be clear, but the look yellowed. Makes sense, they've been in the s u n for death knows how long. Are they supposed to look yellowed? And if not, would Retr0brite work on these?

Defrosters: Okay, here's a trickier one. as I've read, and the voltmeter confirms this, the heaters are not plug and play on this '06. All the wiring is in the door, but not in the body. Where does this go? Do I just tap into the SJB? This is the real reason I got those mirrors. I rely on those driving to work, and my first winter without them made me realize how nice those were. 'Course I have 'till winter to hook that up, just figured I'd bolt on the mirrors now before I put the tweeters and all on.

IN SHORT: How to I restore the housing? Are the lights clear or yellow. How do I hook up the defrosters?

I'm sure this has all been asked already, but the search function wasn't finding me much and all the threads were too old to respond, and as of night now half the links in the topic finder don't work. Sounds like the Dev team has their hands pretty full atm.
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