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Hey folks, wondering if anyone can answer a question for me.

The transmission went out on my 99 taurus(love this car), decided that financially it made more sense for me to have a new tranny put in rather than buying a new car.

Here is the issue, the transmission that I went with requires an inline filter from the transmission cooler to the transmission. Everything was installed in the car, and the tech took it out for a test drive. Car looked and sounded great as he took off. Less than 15 minutes later, here comes my car limping in, barely moving.. People at the shop couldn't figure out what the problem was, hooked it up to all the testers, showing no problems. Then I overheard the tech telling the owner "when I put the fluid in, it only took 10 quarts and was showing that it was 2 quarts overfilled". He also stated that he was going to check the fluid again AFTER the test drive..

Does that make any sense to anyone? What kind of damage could that do to the transmission? Anyone know that if the inline filter was installed on the outflow pipe, pointing towards the transmission, instead of the inbound if that would restrict the flow of fluid enough to cause catastrophic failure?

Any help would be appreciated..
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