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Well, the Blue Bull has almost as much tied up in the alarm and keyless entry as I paid for the car. NOTE that I did not pay for either the keyless entry or alarm - It was a Christmas gift.

Okay, the Blue Bull cost $400. I bought it from a neighbor and brought it back to life.

Skytec keyless entry + installation = $99.99 plus tax (never worked correctly)

K-9 Classic-EDP alarm + installation = $260.00

$360 in keyless entry & alarms for a car that cost me $400. :dunno: I hope my gf can get her money back on the keyless entry, but doubt it.

The shop that installed the K-9 Classic-EDP alarm confirmed that the Skytec Astra 100 keyless entry unit never worked properly, which is what I suspected in this thread. (In that thread, I went behind the shop and checked all the wiring and connections and the keyless entry unit never worked properly.)

Because I could never get the keyless entry to work correctly, my gf took my car to another shop who ended up installing the K-9 system. (Oh, yeah, the gift that keeps on giving.)

I kept telling her that I didn't need a full alarm, that I only wanted a keyless entry that worked properly. Well, now I have a full alarm that I would recommend to any Bull owner who wants to protect their ride. I really like this system even though it is not what I originally wanted.

So, I hope to save other Bull owners the headache - do NOT install the Skytec Astra 100 in your Bull. You will waste money because it will not work properly with your car. The dome light will not come on and the blinkers will not flash. You will have no indication that you have successfully locked your car unless you are standing right there and can see the locks lock. To me, this defeats the purpose of keyless entry.

No problems so far with the K-9 alarm. I like everything about it, but still think it is a bit much for a $400 Taurus...


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