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Hey all, I recently picked an '05 Bull SEL and the first thing I like to do with any car is make it mine - so here I am! I know this is just the intro thread, but I'm laying out my plans just to spark some talk with you folks. :D

She's got 129k, super clean inside, Gold Ash exterior with the pebble/tan cloth interior and wood grain details. In other words, it's the definition of conservative in every respect! :lol: But I always like my cars to have a little bit of my personality, so I'm looking at this as a real challenge since it's about as opposite as it gets for me!

Mechanically everything is sound as far as I can tell. I've replaced the spark plugs, threw in a Spectre filter and deep cleaned the intake parts/TB plate, and replaced the IAC valve. I'd also like to replace the muffler just to get a better exhaust sound, but I don't want it to be too loud or have a bad drone.

I'd love to find some nice wheels at stock size (too lazy for speedo calibration or I'd step it up to 17s), my favorites are gunmetal/dark metallic with black accents. Id also like to replace or vinyl wrap the wooden trim, not sure what goes with the tan interior though. I'd also like to swap over the black gauge cluster in place of the silver one and get LED bulbs for it while I'm at it - I did this in a '96 Explorer I used to have and it was fantastic. I'd also like to replace the Ford emblems with black-backed ones, and I'm considering either removing the Taurus emblem altogether or replacing it with the newer one. Also, those centennial edition headlight housings look really nice!

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Welcome to the club! :)
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