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I've installed two under car neon kits on mine, the side ones break constantly so some plexiglass or some sort of clear plastic should be installed for protection. I'm in the progess of fabricating it[/b]
They make kits with flexible leg strips. They're way more expensive than neon tubes but 1000 times better. Back when I bought my kit iirc it was around $200 off ebay. One I got came with 7 colors, 19ish patterns, wireless remote pretty kool.... Its been installed for a couple years now.. no problems.

Oh yes... please check with your local law on led lighting or you'll get a mean ticket. "Unapproved Equipment" its like $200 first offense. From what I've learned in my town... if u can see the tubes you cant have red,blue, green or orange. But if you cant see the tubes you can have any color you want. Be aware you can't dive around with them on u have to be parked.

Also just so that Id never have them on when Im driving... I wired them up so they would turn on when u open the door and turn off when you close the door.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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