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i got a 99 Taurus wagon middle of the summer that needed a motor and ever sence i put a dam motor in it has been a basket case wireing issues brake issues electrical issues transmission issues i am to the point where is this car is going to go up for sale yes i have fixed every thing but one bulb in the third break light and it needes a fan sensor so these are the specs on it how much could i sell it for

it is a 1999 ford taurus wagon se power every thing that works
78k miles brand new breaks all the way around new studded snows
all most no rust interior is in great shape
the fallowing are all brand new parts
o2 sensor up and down stream
catalytic converter
passenger side cv shaft
totally under coated the underneath of the car
upgraded the lights to 100w zenons w/ option fog lights
trailer hitch
shift cable
heater core
overflow jug
wipers (new like yesterday)
inspection sticker
how much can i get out of it

i am tired of the fu**en thing having problems

i am thinking around $2k for it and it not the only reason i went to sell it i dont mind working on it but i hurt my hand a few months ago and when my hand gets cold it is useless

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I'd say $1,500. But I'm cheap.

It's a nice car, you've also replaced a lot of what a Taurus will need by that point. If the suspension had less than 20k on it than I'd consider saying it's worth $2,000 but I'm talking everything, including rack. There's a nice red 1998 wagon up the street form me, it has 120,000 miles and almost no rust. They want under $1,000 for it and it has been sitting for a very long time without any interest. These cars aren't worth much. But it differs geographically I guess.

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Wow, you sure have had a run of bad luck with that thing! I am thinking $1500 or so also. Just remember, if you sell it and buy, say, another 10 year old / 100K mile replacement, it will likely have tons of minor to mid level problems also that will need to be fixed.
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