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I have an 87 GL wagon, I have owned almost 10 years. I haven't driven it the last two because I bought an Expedtion and not longer need it. I really don't want to get rid of it, but it is in the way and I have too many vehicles. It is originally a N.C. car, has emblem from Town & Country Ford in Charlotte on the gate and had NC title when I bought it.

The body is very solid with only rust on dogleg from paint being beat off by tires, surface rust only. The car had all original paint when I bought it so I know it has never had any major damage and no dents other than parking lot type dings. It did have the plastic on the front destroyed, probably deer damage. I put 89 plastic on it. The original charcoal paint was shot, so I painted it 96 Ford Medium Calypso which is a light teal metallic color and it looks great on the car. Paint is PPG Deltron DBU basecoat with DU2020 urethane clear. Not show quality but about factory quality. Didn't paint the jambs but original color matches the interior. Bumpers are painted to body color and looks better IMO. No bondo period in body, only glazing putty in the dings. It does need the hood(chips and small crease), dogleg and the extra rear bumper I have painted installed due to chunk out of corner of original.

The interior is in great shape and pretty clean. No tears or visable wear on seats. It has a headliner out of a 92-95 model recently installed. only negatives are carpet shows some wear and dash pad has small crack from my elbow resting on it when I put in new winshield. Some of the plastic trim shows some wear. It does smell musty as it has been in the garage the last 2 years. It has grey interior.

It shows 2K on the odometer and I do believe it is 202K and not 102K, but it doesn't show it. The 3.0L engine uses about 1 1/2 quart of oil between changes. The trans shifts good except for a harsh 2nd to 1st if you get on it too quick while it is downshifting. It has done that the entire time I have owned it, about 55K miles. It does need a long rack since it leaks and an inner tie rod end is loose. It also needs front rubber since it has snow tires that are almost shot but would pass inspection. Decent Michelins on rear.

It has: alloy wheels, power drivers seat, power windows, locks, mirrors, 3rd seat, cornering lights, cruise, tilt and rear defrost and it all works.

I have done the following in the last 55K miles: new winshield, reman alternator and PS pump, new shocks, struts, wheel bearings, wheels cylinders, trans line o-rings, trans oil change and filter(recently), valve seals, plus normal maintenance items, I changed oil every 4K miles with Rotella and have records from last 5 years. I just put a new heater core in it just before I parked it and a new accumulator, I evacutated but never charged the AC. It always worked before that.

I would like to sell this car to someone that would appreciate it so it can live on for a long time. That is why I posted it here. I don't really want to sell it locally to someone who would run it until the first significant problem(probably trans) occurs and then sends it off to the crusher. I really liked this car and would still be driving it if I hadn't got the Expedition for super cheap. It would make a great basis for a 1st generation SHO wagon project or to just run as is. I also have a lower milage 130K engine and trans that I would let go with the car. I believe the trans has the servo piston busted as it wouldn't go in drive but would in reverse. The fluid is clean. I did hear the motor run before I pulled it. I also have a few boxes of parts I pulled from the parts car along with a spare fender and hood.

I live about 100 miles south of Pittsburgh, and there are not many of these cars in this area that are even close to this condition. If you are interested in have a very nice 1st gen wagon and want to see it live on I would like to sell it to you. Sorry if this type of post is not allowed but I didn't see that it wasn't. If not, hope admins give me a little latititude since it may eventually mean the life of the old bull.

Thanks, Jeff
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