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Need Some Info, And Possibly A Couple Of Pics

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did they come with just vulcans or did they come with duratec too? anyone have a pic of each of these engines if they came with both? Any problems that the 94 are known for that I should look out for?

and last, but not least, what kind of price should I be talking about with the guy? it looks good, Don't know yet how it runs.

Any help much apreciated.
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In 1994, the Duratech wasnt available yet, that came out in 1996.
If you have a 1994, your engine possibilities are either:

3.0L V6 (Vulcan)
3.8L V6 (Essex)

The Vulcan has "3.0L V6" On the Valve Cover
The Essex has "3.8L Fuel Injected" On the Intake Manifold

I'll try to post pics of both.
Thanks, thats ok. I have the essex in my 91 sable, and the taurus has 3.0l V6, so it would be vulcan.
I think the only real problems that you need to worry about are (and they aren't minor problems)head gaskets blowing and AXOD trannys giving out. Other than that, I think the Vulcan's were relatively solid in those years, but I'm not too big of a 94' Vulcan information source, since I have a 98'. Hopefully someone who has one of these will pick up on the thread for you...

AFAIK every year of the vulcan was great as far as reliability goes. But, as mentioned above, you'll have to watch the AXOD tranny. :)
I have a 1994 Taurus GL with a 3.0 Litre Vulcan engine....

Transmission blew at 165,000 Km (80k Miles?)

replaced and has nice new tranmission cooler now =]

Just for your informations sake
Yay, the Fun AXOD transmission. :( But oh well. as long as it runs good.
Actually, it's the AXOD-E. By '94, it was way more reliable than the earlier versions. And the Vulcan will last forever, but it will feel slow compared to the Essex (using the butt dyno). '94s/'95s are the best years of the G2s.
Glad it will feel slow. that way I don't want to push it as hard as i did the essex. but I just cant help lighting the tires in a tank of a family sedan when these little ricers rev at me and laugh and then get pissed when I pass them. havent done that in 3 months now (since new tranny).

ok. so 94 vulcan even with AXOD-E should be real reliable?

now, could someone tell me if I can take the control part on the power drivers seat in my 91 Sable off and switch it out with the one in the 94 Taurus? (the one in the taurus is broke to hell, and you have to fish it out from under the seat by the wires to adjust your seat)

Thanks again for all the help.
The AXOD-E should be significantly better than the tranny in your old Sable. And I'm sure the power seat controls would work if they have the same buttons.
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