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transmission problem..stumped


I'm having an ongoing issue with my transmission and in need of some help here. Even the transmission shop is baffled. Here's the story:

I have a 2002 taurus, 3.0 ohv. July 2010 the pump shaft went out and the tranny burned up. I had it rebuilt at a local shop. About 3 months later the pump shaft went out again, this was repaired under warranty. After the new pump shaft and converter were put in the car would slip right away under cold starts, but would be fine after that. After repeated trips to the trans shop they finally replaced the transmission with another rebuilt one. They used all the electronics from mine on the next one they rebuilt and put in the car, even the converter from my trans. Now the trans light comes on after about 10 miles of driving at speeds over 60 mph. Of course I took it to the shop,repeatedly. the two codes coming up are P0741 (torque converter circuit malfunction) and B1352 (something to do with an ignition switch failure).

The shop checked continuity on several things and hooked a scanner up on a test drive. The converter goes into 100% lock-up and stays there, yet the light still goes on. They told me the ignition switch is causing all the problems, so I replaced that, twice and the problem still exists. They said they checked the TCC & PCS and they checked out fine. They have basically made it sound like they can't do anything with it, they're stumped.

Any thoughts, desperately would love to get this thing fixed!

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