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I saw this red SHO a while back and went test drove it today, its a red 93 SHO, automatic 3.2 with 120k miles, tan leather interior, fully loaded with sunroof, CD, the works. Selling for $1,795 right now. I really need some suggestions on what to do, it drives great and the body is great. Sorry for the long read, I need help. Any common problem areas to look out for that I havent written here? :(

-overall NO dings and shiny paint! Body is VERY straight on the sides! :)
-few small scratches and chips here and there and the spoiler clearcoat is peeling, but cheap to repaint. Car looks like it "might" have been repainted in the past, possibly with some front end damage, who ever did the paint didnt paint the sides of the hood and the top of the fenders at the frame rail, grayish color with paint drops. Hood could probably use a good repaint.
-windows are tinted but its bad and has to be removed, probably just replace the windows with clean ones from a junkyard.
-rear window rubber looks bad, rubber just went bad due to the sun I guess
-black painted trim on teh doors needs to be repainted.
-lights are all clear and not cracked.
-wheels look ok but has some clearcoat coming off on a few of them, tires have good rubber.
-Moonroof works great!!! :D

-runs very silently and smooth!
-looks pretty clean, looks like the previous owner kept it clean
-small oil leak at the rear valve cover which drips on the exhaust, smells pretty bad but its not a major problem.
-fluids looked good and clean
-SHO hood fabric cover is good
-alternator was replaced about 20K miles ago
-NO idea on whether the 60K or 100K service was done but I might check with a few dealers round here, BUT the car runs really good so I'm guessing that the work was in fact done. :(

-shifts good on medium to heavy accel
-rebuilt about 30k miles ago, have receipts for this
-when I floor it at maybe 40mph or so, engine will rev then the tranny catches kinda hard. I'm not sure if this is a bad sign, but it cant be good either :( but it runs good on regular driving.
-shifter is loose, I think just the shifter itself was pulled back too hard and it broke the brake shift-interlock, so its showing the wrong gear in the bezel and can be pulled back with the engine off.

Suspension and exhaust:
-rides good, struts and springs still ride great
-exhaust is good with little rust, no leaks
-brakes probably need to be redone, all around discs w/ABS, brake pedal was pretty stiff and the brakes didnt feel very powerful trying to slow it down.

-oh boy! really bad :( lots of febreze for this one lol :ph34r:
-tan leather seats, both front seats are all power
-moonroof is leaking so the carpet is soaked and dirty
-drivers seat is ripped and dirty
-other seats are dirty and have some light water damaged but might clean up, pass side seat track doesnt more forward or back, looks like its rusted in place but otherwise the other functions work
-I have 99SE leather seats so I have a spare set anyway.
-door panels are pretty dirty and might need replacing
-carpet needs replacing, might be able to use my spare gen3 carpets
-headliner is repairable, moonroof shade has fallen apart and need to be replaced.
-radio and factory CD player work, JBL premium (?) sound system
-A/C does NOT work, its the automatic climate control head, head looks ok with one missing button but it all works, might just switch to a regular vacuum a/c system
-Speedo does NOT work, might need cable, kinda scary to look down and see your still doing 0mph :angry:
-Air bag light is on :(
-dash could use replacing as well, small cracks and the console is loose but doesnt look broken.
The whole inside pretty much needs to be taken out and replaced, I have access to a few good junkyards where I can get everything I need cheap, lots of work but I have experience doing this.

I drove it for a few miles but with no speedo and gas kinda low I didnt want to push it, but I have to say it drove GREAT!!! Pretty powerful but lacking guts lol, still fast! Guy said I can come back and take it out for a hour or so and see if everythings good.

I'm thinking of maybe offering around $1,200 as-is, overall the body is GOOD, engine and tranny are GOOD, interior is CRAP lol guess the biggest problem for me is getting the a/c to work, you're fcuked in the south without it :(

Always wanted to have a nice SHO, and this would be a chance to have one in good running condition pretty cheap. Not terribly worried about the leather seats, my mom is screaming at me to sell the ones from the 99 lol :lol2:

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I say keep looking. Thats a lot of stuff wrong. The amount it would cost to replace/fix everything you can buy a good-running SHO.


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buy a sho it looks hot and runs great the engines will last more than the car trust mee i dont care how bad you abuse the engine as long as it has its fliuds this car will take you util you are burried in your grave but get a gen3 which is a 1996-1999 or a mtx one the automatics arent fast and the transmissions go and get killed very fast and even though the guy says the transsmission is rebuilt i work in a shop i send the transmissions to get rebuit they come back even worse look one ebay or shoforum or shoclub they have nice cars

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I would run away from that SHO. 1993's was the first year for the ATX and had all kinds of problems. If you need to get an ATX, I would buy 1994 or 1995 SHO. You may be able to buy a SHO cheap, but they are not cheap to keep running. At 120K the 60K is due. The 60K involves timing belt change, valve adjustment, replacing sparkplugs, replacing sparkplug wires, CPS (you may as well replace it while you have the whole front of the engine torn apart because the CPS will fail), Accessory belts, etc. The service can easily run over $1,400 if you have someone do it. Pull the plug wires out. If you have oil in the wells, the 60K was not done and the sparkplug wires will fail soon. Keep in mind that parts for the SHO is getting scarce. Many parts are obsolete and you just can't find them new. I started to hoard spare parts a few years ago.
If you buy the SHO, I would expect you will need to spend $2000 for maintenance the first year if you want it run well.
I have 120K on my SHO and the only thing that came from the factory in the car is the interior, engine, transmission, wheels and the body. I have replaced everything else.


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