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Need Help ? Starter/battery/solenoid Prblems ?

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I recenlty tried to start my car (1998 Ford Taurus - Automatic) and nothing happend. It was like there was no battery at all in the car. Once jumping the car, it started immediately. I checked the battery using a volt meter and it read 12.95volts which should have been strong enough to start the car. Correct? Well after that I disconnect the wires to the battery and clean the posts and the terminal connects (and ground too). Still nothing. Then I checked fuse and everyhting seemed ok. NExt I noticed that the Mega Fuse block under the hood had some corrosion, so I disconnected the wires and the fuses and cleaned up the connection here. I'm not sure if I put everyhting back together in the correct order. There are three wires and one fuse. Does it matter what order they go back on in??? Next I disconnected the "starter & selanoid" and took them to the parts store to have them checked out. They both seems to work just fine. Next I switched out the battery with a battery from another car (kinda old but still ok) Now the car kinda starts....The starter sounds like it's just spinning. Do I need a stronger battery or did I just miss something when I put the wires back on the mega fuse or the starter/selanoid???

Please any help would be appreciated.....I cannot take being locked in the house another day without my vehicle.

thanks in advance !!!
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12.95 V when the car is not running is too high. The battery is toast.

On the mega fuse, the main cable coming from the alternator should be on the post towards the radiator. All other wires should be on the engine side of the fuse.
The large alternator wire goes on the radiator side of the mega fuse. There is also an orange wire that goes on that side. All other wires go on the engine side of the mega fuse. Your mega fuse is good yes?

If the battery light is on the alternator is not charging. Your new battery will soon be dead. There is also a 30 amp fuse in the engine compartment fuse box that goes to the alternator. Be sure this is good.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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