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Well I had a vacuum line go bad on my '99 Sable Duratec, and it was extremely hard to get to because of the drivers side cowl.

The passenger side was easy. Just removed the screws and the clips on the upper cowl, and then it was just three 5.5mm bolts, and the lower cowel popped right out.

The driver's side was much harder, and I couldn't even get it out in the end.

I removed the windshield wipers, pulled off the top cowl. un-clipped the lines attached to it. I removed the windshield wiper motor. Unbolted the little box all the vacuum lines run to that was attached. And pulled all the bolts, even the horizontal one right in the center!

It wiggled a lot but felt like something was still attached, I looked under where I felt resistance, and noticed a hard plastic tube running down from a hole where the wiper motor was. I assume it's meant to channel water away when it gets in. Attached to that was a throttle cable clip. I pulled the clip off so that was no longer attached, but there is still something causing too much resistance to pull it out.

I don't want to break anything pulling it out. What else is attached to that cowl? Is there any way to detach that tube? I have a feeling the tube is causing the resistance, but am not sure...
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