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UPDATE - Freeze Frame info!! P0301, p0316

We have a 2002 3.0 Vulcan... Initially, car was idling rough in reverse and when we would first take off, slowly got worse, got cel codes misfire on cyl1 and misfire first 1000 revolutions.... Took look on dark night, saw blue corona through a couple of wires. Replaced plugs and wires 5 months ago. Put old wires back on. Car ran better for a day or two, then cel light with same codes. Tested coil pack with voltmeter, no issue. Sprayed coil pack with water, no issue. Took car to pep boys, ran diagnostic, said spark plug and wires bad. Replaced again... this time with autolite iridium plugs and bel-wyn? custom fit wires. Car still runs rough on initial start up, especially in reverse. Once warm, car runs great. NO CODES YET... Can anyone help? Husband is ready to trade in...FRUSTRATED!!!

Codes came on AGAIN!!
Ran DTC and got Freeze Frame info this time, just don't know what it all means....

Fuelsys 1 CL
Fuelsys 2 N/A ?
Load_Pct (%) 83.5
ETC (F) 174
SHRTFT1 (%) 4.7
LONGFT1 (%) 5.5
SHRTFT2 (%) 8.6
LONGFT2 (%) 6.3 ?
FRP (PSI) 39.6
RPM (/MIN) 2025

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I think you posted this a while back, too. You need to find out why the plugs aren't grounding properly. Either the plug threads in the head are dirty/oily, or there is a problem with the engine's path to ground. A bad oil leak at the valve cover gasket can let oil down the head and into the plug holes for example. Clean the threads, if that doesn't help, connect a makeshift ground strap between each head and the negative battery post and see if the arcing/missing disappears. Then you know you have an engine ground problem.

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What the Heck??? Still having issues....

Originally posted with car acting rough in reverse when engine cold...
Then, very intermittent miss until engine warm...
Then, codes, P0316 and P0301...

Changed plugs and wires, tested coil pack, checked for cracks, sprayed with water, etc... Have pretty much ruled out ignition issues...

Now, engine light is off, just checked codes, none pending,
Car is running worse than EVER!!

What we HAVE done,
Cam Shaft Synchro replaced 5 months ago
Plugs (2wce in 5 months)
Wires (2wce in 5 months)
Checked coil pack
Took into Pepboys last week,(prior to new plugs and wires) They said to do tuneup and that injector 1 was possibly running lean...
Cleaned IAC valve last night
Topped off gas and put in Marvel MYstery Oil last night...

Now, car still misses in reverse on cold engine and first start up after sitting 15 or more minutes
Car misses intermittently in drive at stop, sometimes 4 misses in row, sometimes 1 miss every 10 seconds, sometimes no miss
On way home on highway at speed, when accelerating car started to miss
Car gas mileage is better than usual
No gas smell
Car does NOT miss in Park or Neutral
When first starting car, RPMs fluctuate several times before settling down

So, could a lean injector cause wierd intermittent miss, could it be dpfe sensor?

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Intermittent Miss??? READ THIS FIRST!!!!!

We had an intermittent miss, P0301 and P0316. Changed plugs, wires, cleaned iac valve, tested coil pack, tested for vacuum leaks, we were ready to do compression tests, reflash computer, etc.

Then, decided to go to pepboys and buy $3.99 GUNK engine cleaner...
Followed directions, ran car for 5 minutes, changed oil, used synthetic high mielage oil, CAR IS FIXED!!!

Car is 2002 Ford Taurus 3.0l V6 Vulcan OHV engine.

If you experience intermittent misfire with occasional codes for misfire thrown, TRY THIS FIRST BEFORE doing EXPENSIVE REPAIRS!!!
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