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I'm looking on fordparts.com and trying to get the front RH and LH and rear RH and LH weather stripping/molding part numbers.

It seems that for Sedans and Wagons, there are two part numbers that vary by $30-50!

Front Sedan RH belt weatherstrip: #21452
The part number is the same for the wagon, but the wagon is $20 cheaper!

Front Sedan LH belt weatherstrip: #21453, same again for the wagon, but closer to $15 cheaper.

Rear Sedan RH belt weatherstrip: #25596. This time the wagon is MORE expensive

Rear Sedan LH belt weatherstrip: #25597. Same for this one as well, the wagon is more expensive.

So are those part numbers the correct for the outer weatherstrip that gets all faded and rough and that many of you all have 'painted' black again?
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