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Need Help, My Car Wont Start

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I have a 95 taurus GL. I live in chicago area so it has been really cold since tuesday. My car was running fine on monday/monday night. I parked it and got in the car on tuesday morning. It was really cold out that night, perhaps below zero. Anywho, my car didnt start. The engine turns over but it just does not start. If you need any more information to help figure it out, i would be more than happy to provide. I have no trasportation since and I really need help. Thanks.
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Sounds like a frozen fuel line. Get some De-Icer/Dry Gas. And a can of starting fluid, give it a shot in the intake and make sure you still get a bang out if it.
Ok, so you have spark.

Get a can of starting fluid and spray a shot or two in the Throttle body and replace the hose. If it makes a bang, or attempts to fire over, you found your problem, if not, then you have other issues.

Did you get Dry Gas/De-Icer for the Fuel Yet?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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