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Need Help, My Car Wont Start

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I have a 95 taurus GL. I live in chicago area so it has been really cold since tuesday. My car was running fine on monday/monday night. I parked it and got in the car on tuesday morning. It was really cold out that night, perhaps below zero. Anywho, my car didnt start. The engine turns over but it just does not start. If you need any more information to help figure it out, i would be more than happy to provide. I have no trasportation since and I really need help. Thanks.
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Originally posted by Mr Sparkle@Jan 12 2004, 01:23 PM
Ok i somehow got it started today. I started it and pressed on the gas and it finally started. Now it just seems like the problems are biginning. It made loud noises after it started but its to be expected after a week of not driving. I got it running and drove it around the block. It was fine for about 1-2 minutes then it got all ****ed up.

The check engine light came one, followed by the battery light and engine oil light. The next stop sign i stopped and the car died. Any time i get to low RPMs now the car just dies. It sounds like a ghetto car now, muffler is making loud noises and the car does not run smooth at all.

Any ideas?
Sounds like some water in your gas! Was the gas tank lower than a quarter full when the deep freeze hit?
Originally posted by Mr Sparkle@Jan 12 2004, 04:08 PM
So water in the gas would explain the check engine light and all the other behavior? How do I get rid of it?

EDIT- My gas was alittle over a quarter full when the wheather turned sour.
The same sort of "dry gas" or "gas line antifreeze" treatment that folks were suggesting earlier should help. It is available in any auto parts store or even supermarkets. Go get a bottle or two and follow the instructions on the back. Usually this stuff is alcohol and petroleum distillates, they don't really absorb the water in the gas they just let you burn it up along with your fuel. It is possible you got a load of bad gas somewheres also. This is usually gunk in the gas itself when the gas station's tanks runs low. The "dry gas" treatment should help this also. If it does change your fuel filter when it warms up. The first thing I think of is fuel related because of the symptoms you describe thats the simplest and easiest to fix. Oh yeah put some good gas in your car and try to keep it at least half full in the winter. You could be in need of a simple tuneup. You could be running on less than 6 cylinders if your plugs or wires are bad.
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