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Generally the VSS will cause the tranny to shift at odd points (typically late shifts). Under hard acceleration the ECU tells the trans to shift at a given RPM, so the VSS takes a back seat for a little bit. I think for yours a VSS is $18 or so, but I'd verify before changing it. It'd suck to swap it and it be good. If you have cruise control it might be affected by a bad VSS but I'm not sure without more specific year info.

A bad/intermittent TPS can also be a problem as the ECU is unable to determine a shift point if it doesn't know where the throttle is.

In your case the squeek on the drivers side would be of some concern. Under the driver-side cover are a number of sensors and solenoids, including the shift control solenoid. This is the most common solenoid that fails. There are a total of 3; all accessible from the side. But wouldn't jump that far ahead until you do some more investigation. And I'd tend to agree that if the fluid is trash, so too will the tranny be. Most owners of AXOD's do not service the trans, and in the end get bit with a bad shuttle valve or something even more difficult to get at. I've been there even with good maintenance though, so its really a toss up which trans will bomb and which will make it.

And the crazy Ruskies put a link up...


Good Luck!
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