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My New System

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Please keep in mind that I'm not exactly wealthy, haha. I bought my car 2 years ago with my Savings Account. =p It was in excellent condition and only had 30k Miles. (For a 1996!!)

1996 Mercury Sable LS (Duratec)
70k Miles

I'm currently re-working the interior before I head for any engine mods. (Besides an intake + exhaust =p )
My first project was the sound system.

So far (without adding any extra speaker mounts =p )

Alpine CDA-9807 HU
2 x Infinity Tweeters
2 x 12" MTX Subs
JBL BP 600.1 Subwoofer Amp
4 x 5x7" Infinity Speakers 60W RMS / 180W Max
Avionixx AXA 440.4 - 4x85 Watts RMS

I've seen a few people discussing the 'cut-out' in between the rear 5x7s. (This is the spot where a free-air factory installed sub comes... if you have that stereo package) If you are planning on putting subs in your trunk, DO NOT BLOCK THIS
HOLE. I asked for advice from a "sound System Specialist" because I was planning to add a 6x9 speaker to this cut-out. He told me to wait until I had my subs installed and see how it sounds with the cut-out blocked/un-blocked. WoW, he was right.

Now it sounds great and lets more sound get to the cabin. =)

Also... I ordered a bunch of neons a few days ago.
(Still waiting for delivery)
*12" Blue Neon Rings for around my subs
*Small Blue Neon Tubes to side-mount to my Amps
*Blue Neon Rods for under the driver/passenger seats
*Blue Neon Rods for the driver/passenger's "foot-area" (If you are sitting in the front of the car and you stick your foot up, the place where your toes hit. You won't see the actual rods, only the light.)

With the help of a few friends I am working on a 3-way-switch for the neons, to mount next to my stereo.
(On/Off/Pulse to the Music!!!!)

When the bass hits, power is sent to all the lights. I can even adjust the sensitivity, so it doesn't pick up every little vibration.

Also I've had a little trouble mounting my Amplifiers. My goal is to put one on each side of the trunk, facing inward. As of now, (because I was nervous drilling into the sidewalls of my trunk) my Amps are mounted to the back of the rear seats. =( Anyhow, by the time I get those Neons I should have them mounted properly.

Oh, and I need to hook up a 2nd battery and toss it in my trunk. =p

Semi-Legal Tints, hah (30/30 Front ; 15/15/15 Rear)

When I have enough cash to buy a digital camera, I'll post some pics.
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After I finish mounting my AMPs where I want them, I'm going to cut holes for 2 - 5x7 speakers in the rear doors and mount 2 tweeters 'head-level' of the Rear Passengers. (Basically next to the rear, head-level 5x7's) =)
My friend also gave me an amazing deal on his old 5" LCD screen... Not sure how I want to mount it yet. =)

Man u need pics.

How were you planing to do the lights one with music switch? You buying it or making it? Theoretically you need a bandpass filter to filter out the frequency at which it should go on and comparator to trigger a relay or triac ro whatever you'll use to turn on the lights. Fairly simple circuit, does involve math though.
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