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I still dont think you got hurt for $500. I love that royal blue color! My ford favorite (along with Dans rosemist)!
My last car a 96 Sable LX looked identical to this car minus the floor shifter and EATC. I too love this color. I sold the car last december with 150K miles with no major engine or trans. problems. Or course the trans. ax4n fluid and filter and flush was done every 30k.

Rust was another issue. I fixed a small rust out on driver floor pan and rr dog leg.

I would definitely check out the brake lines running under the driver side running from firewall to rear strut tower for rustout and pull the rear seat/hat rack to check the rear upper strut mounts for rust out before proceedly any further.

The AC worked great until the last six months when the compressor seal started to leak. My mechanic pumped out the freon, put in some stop leak, and put in freon and solved the problem.

Good Luck, with the vehicle.
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