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Anyone know what size inlet/outlet and offset I would need for a direct replacement on the stock muffler for a 1999 Taurus SE with the 3.0 Vulcan. Hoping to find out so I can keep an eye out for a good deal on a flowmaster 40 series. I like the sound of the new super 40 but I bet not too many of them out used yet. Thanks.

So far I've just got the oil changed, a new air filter, and wiper blades on mine. Tranny fluid change, tranny cooler install, and new front brake pads are planned for next weekend.

The stock size is 1 7/8, but you won't find a Flowmaster in that size. The next best thing is to get a 2 1/4 and have it adapted on. It's a double offset, I think the Flowmaster part number is 42443.
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