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MTX 9500 Series Vs. JL Audio W7

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I am looking to get into the SPL drags this summer. Making my trunk completly customized with fiberglas, courtesy of a possible soon to be brother in law who did this as a living for a couple years and will be helping me out. I have the power and ability to drive these woofers. I am planning on a pair of 12" subs.

I have been looking at the MTX's, and was pretty much decided on them. But the problem is this, I have not heard them yet, but I have heard the JL's. I am just looking for some input from anybody out there that has experience with BOTH of these subs and could tell me what they prefer based on what they have seen.

P.S. - I will be going and listening to the MTX's before I make a choice, but I still need help with this choice.
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out of those two, MTX all the way. JL is absolutly horrible for SPL, they flat out will not get loud.

if you want some serious suggestions, PM me and i can tell you what subs to look at. also, if you are competing DB drag or Meca... be prepared to go against some VERY stiff competition. if you are looking at serious competition, i would strongly suggest a different vehicle. but if you are just looking for a good time then have at it :) . feel free to ask me any questions, i used to compete hardcore with SLAP(before they pissed everyone off)
MTX is definatly the dominant one of the two. But at $1000 a sub, the 9500 is pretty spendy. Plus, from what I've been told, they blow up fairly easy if you get to harsh with them. But yeah, I'd still MTX is better. I never really liked JL.
MTX is definatly the dominant one of the two. But at $1000 a sub, the 9500 is pretty spendy.
Actually I have a site online where you can get them for $350 each, plus like $50 for shipping. I'll post the site when I find it in my bookmarks.

Hoss, expect a PM from me in the near future. I.E. today or tomorrow.
Hoss you have a PM.

Anybody else have some suggestions on which brand?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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