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Okay guys.. I realize most of you are very into the technical age of things and own a DVD player... but I need some help. I need to get rid of some movies and other misc. items so I can have some money.. And if anyone wants pictures of any specific thing, just PM me or post here.


~ Disney Movies

+ Aladdin and the King of Theives

+ D3 - The Mighty Ducks
+ Fantasia 2000
+ Sleeping Beauty

+ Jungle2Jungle
+ D2 - The Mighty Ducks
+ Mulan
+ A Goofy Movie
+ Tarzan & Jane
+ The Mighty Ducks
+ Sing A Long songs - Colors of the Wind (No Box)
+ The Return of Jafar (No Box)

~ Other Children's Movies

+ Babe - pig in the city
+ Charlotte's Web
+ Daffy Duck and Friends
+ Anastasia
+ All Dogs Go To Heaven 2
+ Chicken Run
+ Popeye
+ Porky Pig

~ Teen/Adult Movies (no I dont mean XXX movies either)

+ Merlin

+ Dances With Wolves
+ Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
+ All the Little Animals

~ Misc Movies

+ Biography - Lance Armstrong
+ Kick Butt - Kick Boxing Video Workout
+ Purina - The Incredible Puppy Care Video RESERVED

~ DVD's

+ The Tuxedo

(Movie list to be continued when I go through the rest of the movies)

All VHS tapes I'm asking $5 for, without shipping

VCR for sale - $35 OBO
MOPAR Tape deck - $15 OBO

*NEW* - Keyboard, Memorex - $10 OBO
*NEW* - Computer Mouse - FREE, you pay for shipping!
*NEW* - IOMEGA Zip Drive (EXTERNAL) - $45 OBO

That's all I got right now... Check back because I'll be adding more stuff as I dig it out! Please help me out here!!

EDIT >> All movies that have been sold are now out of the list
Thank you guys!

EDIT 2>>> I can get pics of anything you guys want - just ask me

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where's the porn?

I feel like killing some kittens.


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Originally posted by Firespirit@Mar 21 2004, 04:06 PM
although there was a porno video called "big and long" at my school one day... wonder how that got there!!
Yea, I did that one back in my film days, but after I got married, my wife told me I had to quit.

I feel like killing some kittens.[/b]
Elliot...man you got issues....

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Im thinking about that Gump movie...and maybe that MP3 player. Got any more details on the mp3 thing?

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Yeah, it's not the greatest thing in the world... If I remember right it holds 64MB, I can typically hold 30-35 songs on it. It has a memory stick, but I never bothered to buy one. If you want I can take pictures of it....

Cool, now thats two people interested in the MP3 player... And a couple of people have spoken up about a couple of movies..

Oh yeah,


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