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So, I went into Wally World tonight to pick up some oil filters for the Bull and was perplexed whilst looking at the MOTORCRAFT shelf. There, among all the FL-400s filters, was an abnormally taller filter. Of course, I reach back and grab it, assuming it is in the wrong place. Much to my surprise, it is ALSO an FL-400s filter!

Does anyone know why MOTORCRAFT changed their FL-400s filter and made it shorter? I noticed on all the other FL-400s boxes there was a small advertisement on the box saying something to the effect of, "Same performance, smaller size."

I am wondering WHY they needed to change it and make it smaller? And, how can it achieve the exact same performance if it is NOT THE SAME?!

Amid my frustration I went ahead and purchased the very last remaining tall FL-400s filter.

In conclusion, can someone please tell me WHY the filter was changed, HOW long it's been this way, and if there will be any difference (besides the obvious)?

Thanks guys!

(Thought I was losing my mind for a second there in WW...)
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