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I have been experiencing some disturbing issues for longer than I would like to admit. What felt like rough idle, jerky and slow shifts, and a loud clunk when accelerating under downshift conditions. Finally made up my mind it had to be a motor mount. Not wanting to do the job half-assed I decided to change them all. BTW I'm at 102k miles.

Front mount ended up being worn, still serviceable but I could move it around with my hands. Didn't have much life left. Bottom torque strut showed signs of tearing, wasn't going to last much longer and was probably not working as it should.

Rear mount, the one over the transmission on drivers side, was the actual culprit.

Fairly simple job. Have to move the coolant tank out of the way to get the front mount out, and move the battery and battery tray to get to the rear mount. The torque strut is simple enough but here is where I encountered "THAT ONE BOLT" the occurs with every job. The forward bolt took maximum effort removing and reinstalling, fought the whole friggin' way. Other than that, no problems.

The destroyed rear mount seems to be of inadequate design. Intend to take all the rubber out of the old one, the torque strut as well, and fill them with solid urethane. I've done it before on an older car and the results are awesome. If I remember correctly I used 80A hardness urethane I got from McMaster-Carr.


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