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Moonroof Shade Stuck Closed.

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My dad was driving my SHO for about a month and when I got it back, the moonroof shade would no longer open. When I open the glass back into the roof the shade goes with it, but when the glass is either closed or up in the air the shade won't budge, except about an inch.

What is causing this? Has it happened to anyone else? .. Is it an easy fix?

Thanks in advance.
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Open the sunroof (slide it back) then close it again, except while it is closing, try to stop the shade from moving. Obviously if the sunroof stops moving, too then let the shade go. Not worth killing your sunroof motor over the shade. My guess is something is in there blocking the shade from moving.
Yes, I've tried that.. It just slows the moonroof down and you can hear the motor being slowed.. that's as much as I pulled on it, which was really hard.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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