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i hate loathe and despise ford and their not so well engineered headlight assemblies...

the passenger side was a water tank so i pulled the three clips out to remove it.
no problem, broke one clip but was still usable just the same. cleaned the assembly inside and out. i used q-tips to remove any water that puddled up insde, used a hair dryer to get the rest out, let it cool...no condensation...yes! then i looked at the seam...found the places where it was taking on water and then i used model cement to seal it. the great thing about model cement is its a liquid so through capillary action it gets into the seam and bonds the plastic together, water tight! no silicone required and when it dries you cant tell it was used. (btw if you want to use what i used get the testors liquid cement, in a small black bottle with the red label, you can find it at walmart in the toy section)

so far so good right? right! this is where it gets ugly...

i decided "hey! lets replace those corner lights!" you know, those amber 194 bulbs in the corners...well i went to remove the clips from the driver side headlight assembly to get to the corner light easier...and broke the plastic part of the adjuster! well needless to say obscenities flowed from my mouth like water from niagra falls...and just as loud i might add. i bent a screwdriver and threw it across the street. so i replaced the corner light, zip tied the headlight assembly to keep it in place...its in the same position it was in before...thank god the whole thing didnt break out!

so now i'm having mixed emotions...on one hand i fixed the passenger side headlight assembly...on the other hand i messed the other one up. both are going to be replaced at a later date so in the end its no big deal but in the short term i am not a happy camper about breaking stuff.

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I know how you feel. I've had an experiance with a speedo swap and things went wrong and took 7 hours and 3 dash disassemblies and reassemblies. I was cussing so much, you'd swear the neighbors were gonna come and beat the crap out of me.
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