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Here are some pictures of what've I've done to my car(so far) - lemme know what you think...

My Pictures
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Neat job. The pics aren't bad but I bet it looks alot better in person
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Welcome to the club! And boy is that g2 lookin really good! I'm lovin the dome light and door light mods

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nice car. i'm liking the lighting. I'd agree w/mean green though, it' probably looks a lot better in person.
That's wicked stoked!!! You should switch your LEDs in your instrument cluster too, that would be even more awesome.
Thats sweet! How would I go about wiring up some sweet blue leds in my bull?
How do you like the Infinity's up front? I was thinking of getting those..
Thanks everyone for the compliments - just wait until I finish putting on my UB kit, change my gauge cluster to red(as someone mentioned), my new subs, and my new rear speakers, THEN I'll be done with mods for a while.

I like the KAPPA's in front a lot - very, very crisp sound in both highs and lows. My only complaint is that sometimes(I mean very rarely) the highs are a little bit piercing when it is turned up loud becuase it's a metal tweeter as opposed to a silk tweeter - but it's only once in a great while, and only lasts for a second. Good more then outweigh the bad.

Oh yeah - it does look much better in person
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After my car gets fixed ill post some pics a my system. Infinity fronts, Cadance rear, Diamond C35 12 with 800 watt MA subsonic amp, and a RCA headunit (detachable faceplat and visual eq) controlling it all.
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