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Well my dad said that he might go back to the Taurus, Gen 3 no less. He has me looking for cars, and is taking my decision more or less. Were looking for a 98-99 Taurus SE.

This is what I'd prefer it to have..
-Sunroof (could live without it but would take one with a sunroof over one without)
-Duratec (must move to the twin cammer, lookin 4 200hp was 185hp a myth?)
-Dual Exhaust (was this deleted on 99's or did some early 99's have it?)
-Rear Disc Brakes (gotta love them, deleted on 99's?)
-Rear Sway Bar (my 98 had it, not sure if 99's have it)
-16in Rims (10 spokers on 98's and 5 SHO rims on 99's)
-MACH (obvious reasons)
-Blackened headlights (later 98's my early 98 didnt have them, I like em better)
-Spoiler (gives the rear end a sporty look)
-Console Shift (prefer over column)

I'm more or less asking for ways to check out if it has the "better" Duratec. Also were the 10 spoke rims 16, or 15inchers? How about if I would be able to find a 99 with dual exhuast and rear discs? this post is probably confusing I'll try and fix it later. Thanks Guys


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The dual exhaust was only offered as a package with anti-lock brakes, which also came with the rear disc brakes. This package was done away with after '99 because of the added cost of the disc brakes. Now, you can only get rear discs on the Station Wagon, but it doesn't come with the dual exhaust.
AFAIK, the Gen III did not have a rear sway bar, since the rear parcel shelf stiffened the frame enough to go without one.
MACH system...you'd be better off finding one without the MACH and putting in a mid-priced aftermarket system. The MACH that went in the Gen IIIs was crap (except for the fact that it included the tweeter pod). I don't really know about the headlights or the Rims.
AFAIK, the console shift came with the ABS package.

Hope this helps...

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