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If you're a car enthusiast and want to improve the performance of your Ford Taurus, you've probably heard about Megan Racing brand. These guys are well-known not only for the sponsorship of drift and racing events, but also for an exquisite line of performance suspension.

Their products will suit everyone’s needs from those just looking to lower their cars to those who want to improve the performance on the race track. Megan Racing line of coilovers includes 7 different series. Each and every component is developed using CAD design techniques, analyzed, prototyped, and tested for a perfect fit and performance under the most intensive driving conditions.

Megan Racing EZ II Series Coilover Damper Kit at CARiD.com

Follow this link for all Megan Racing Coilovers, Mufflers, Springs, Exhaust Systems at CARiD.com

Tune suspension characteristics of your Ford Taurus with Megan Racing Coilovers from CARiD!​
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