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Mecury Sable 15" Rims/tires For Sale/trade

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Ok, these are up for sale again but with a twist.

These wheels are from the 1996-1999 Mercury Sable. All 4 are in great condition with center caps. Mounted on the rims are a set of General AmeriStar G45S P205/65R15 tires that have more then 60% tred life. There is lots of miles left on these tires. I have never had any problems with them.

The price for these are $225 for the set or best offer OR if you have a set of steel rims and decent tires (15" or 16"), I will do a trade with a smaller payment. You don't have to give me your wheel covers, I don't care about that. Sent me your offers, don't be afraid. These rims are too nice to be sitting as a spare in my trunk.

Of course, a $10 donation will go to TCCA once the transaction is complete (either way it goes).

If you have questions, give me a call at 313-401-4111. No shipping, I would like to find someone who can pick these up in Detroit, MI.

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$200 or best. These are nice for the money
Would they work on the 93 Merc-Sab?
Just to answer your question, yes it will. All wheels from any Taurus/Sable are interchangeable
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Yes they will fit and I still have them. Let me know,
Guys, I still have these. Make an offer! These are way too nice to be used as spare tires!
Do you still have them?
Will you consider shipping to Texas?
With the tires off, I might be able to ship them. Shipping may cost a little but these are good rims. I would have to add a little to get the tires unmounted.
I need the tires and the wheels. Could you tell me how much shipping will be? My zip is 77479.
I will look into that for you and let you know. I never shipped tires before.
Thanks. Did those come off the Sable GS in your sig? Looks like you have earlier gen SHO wheels in your sig. By the way, I have 96 Sable LS.
I talked to UPS and they said that they can ship the wheels with an extra $5 fee for each.

I will weigh them tonight and let you know of the price. It will ship in 5 packages (four wheels and a box of center caps).

Yeah, the set is the original wheels from my 1997 Sable. I upgraded to GEN2 SHO rims back in March.
Cool. PM me if you wish. By the way, I did not see in your post but are all 4 wheels round? I assume they've been driven on for 7-8 years. The whole reason I'm doing this is because 2 of my 4 rims (just like yours except chrome) are out of round and shake noticibly while driving.
These 4 are all fine, they were only taken off for an upgrade. I could throw them back on my car right now if I wanted to.

As I said, I will send you a total price once I weigh them.
I had to work late the last couple of nights. I will get this to you Friday night.
Bump! Come on midwest! These would be great winter tires. Name a price!
$175.. Great deal
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