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OK, here's the deal...

One of my front struts started clunking literally 15 minutes before I dropped the car off for inspection.
The shop won't use the parts I can provide (struts with under 20K on them) and they want $180 labor for the for the front struts + $50 for alignment.
They are not a SHO shop by any means--they do BMW, MB, Saab, Audi and VW almost exclusively. So I'm not that confident that they'll catch a bad mount or anything incidental like that until the car is back together, which means *WHAM* another labor charge to finish the job.

I've tried soliciting SHOForum guys to see where the locals take their cars, but I don't have much longer to wait for a response. At this point, if I can't find a decent mechanic who will use the parts I supply, I'm going to tell my boss to **** himself while I drive up to Massachusetts and have Kirk hook me up.

Cost-wise, it's a draw between paying my regular shop to use new parts, and taking time off from work so I can cruise to Spencer, MA and get the job done by a SHO expert. The kicker is that I know Kirk and his associates will spot any other problems and give me a good price on the fixes. These local guys might need to spend all day or maybe two days to do the job right.

So, if anyone knows a good shop in the area that might work with me on the parts, let me know! I'm driving with expired inspection, and I already had to pay one $100 fine for it.
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