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I've been a Ford guy for as long as I've known. When I was born, my Dad had a 64 Ford Galaxie. I remember standing on the trunk of it, him holding me. He then had a 68 full size wagon and my Mom had, if I remember correctly, a 1962 Mercury Meteor. I was still really young but I remember it being towed away years later. In November 71, my parents both got new Fords - my Dad a Custom 500 wagon and Mom got a Pinto. Those were the last of their Fords (my Dad's last car, actually).

I inherited the Custom 500 when my Dad passed. It was a beast physically, not so much with the horsepower. I had a bunch of other cars (non Fords) but acquired an 87 Mustang LX 5.0. While I had that, I scooped up two more Mustangs, a 78 King Cobra and then a 68 Fastback with a 390 ci. Moving had me selling all of those. After a couple of cars I tried out a 99 Taurus. I'd driving them as rentals, and it was a great deal with really low miles and an even lower price. Next was a 96 Explorer 4x4, then a 2001 Sable wagon, and finally - currently - a 99 Taurus Wagon: DOHC Duratec, EATC, CD changer; a very clean car that for, now at 21 years old, has just 114,000 miles. A bumper scrape here and there, 1 or 2 scratches, but nothing that's not easily fixed.

Nov or Dec 2018:

Found an ad for a free forward facing camera. Pay for it, use their app to record the drives, and they refund you in a week. The camera and app are Nexar. Works well, got my money back.

Early Dec 2018:

Trans fluid, pan gasket, and filter change - Motorcraft fluid and filter, FelPro gasket.

Oil and filter change - full synthetic and Wix filter.

I also found a great deal on a set of Ford OEM wheels; 16" from a newer Taurus. $60 and he delivered them.

Early Jan 2019:

Client that has a custom install shop said happy holidays and tinted the windows in the rear doors back to the liftgate.

End Jan 2019:

New strut/spring assemblies

New shocks

New brake pads and resurfaced rotors x4

New sway bar connectors

New front ball joints

Coming for Feb:

Wheel swap or new wheels, tires, alignment, antenna replacement (broken mast), fix stuck CD

More coming and will of course add photos.

Hopeful mod and fix list:

Custom center console

Amp and speakers

LED perimeter lighting

LED floor lamps

LED or HID headlights

Oil pressure, trans temp, volt meters

Fog / driving lights

Brighter bulbs and flasher/"phaser" in 3rd brake light

Rear camera

Fix scratches

Resurface and repaint roof rails

Rear spoiler/air dam


Front seat heaters

Rear seat heaters

Rain guards

Ultimate desired mod:

Once I'm moved I do plan to acquire a small, uber MPG car, I'd like to do the 4.6L Intech swap from a 99-2002 Continental.


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Been super busy with personal stuff. A few more repairs, a few updates.

End of February I took a chance and sanded the headlight housings and front turn signal housings. Buddy shot them with UV clear coat. They came out fantastic. Before and after:

March and first half of April was all travel. I had found another set of wheels but they were sitting in storage as well as the previous find. It was time to get those and some new tires put on the car along with an alignment. The wheels are 17 x 8, and I bought some inexpensive tires that are 225/45-17s. It needs to get cleaned up but I liked this shot:

Went the next day for an alignment and was told that I needed inner tire rods. Ordered them, got them installed, and back to the alignment shop. It was suggested I add a cam kit for the rear wheels. Ordered, installed (all Moog parts for steering and the cam kit), end it feels and drives great. Some more custom work that I will do and by end of summer it will be time to swap coolant and another oil change.

With the European wheels and type of car, it has been dubbed, Bl眉e Longroof.

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Center Console

I really hate the gen3 center console/middle seat in the front. It functions ok as a seat, but the raised, tilted cup holders etc don't cut it. So, I had measured, drew out a few iterations, measured, changed my mind, added more, and finally came up with this.

I was a firefighter and I always loved the control center feel of the rigs. So I decided to make one of my own. It's just me, and even if I go out with friends it might be a total of 4 of us, so if I drive there are still 4 seats. This console is going to go from touching the rear seat to about an inch before the ashtray. I haven't figured out the opening mechanism for the center (to access the radios and 12V outlets), but the top front where the switches are and the arm rest will have a piano hinge. The gauges will be trans temp, oil pressure, and volts. The inverter only needs to be about 300W continuous, and it will be flush to the inside on the passenger side. The switches will control relays: inverter, 12V hub, aux lights in front, aux light in rear, and maybe future for seat heaters. I changed my mind on the position of the sub amp (I deleted it from this plan) and added a 3.0A Qi/2.4A USB that will be surface mounted vertically for the rear seat. I also have a gooseneck mount for a 10 inch tablet that will be used for media, GPS, OBD-II data, back up camera, remote operation, and more.

I have the cardboard template cut and assembling now. I've ordered the extra stuff (had the radios, inverter, 12V hub) and I'll probably pick up the wood tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm going overboard on what it's going to be covered with, but I'm hoping to replace the seats in the future.

Speaking of seats, anyone know what seats will bolt right in other than Gen3 seats? I want leather.


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Work on the center console

OK, have been working on the center console. I got some nice diamond stitched padded vinyl to cover it, and it's starting to come along. Did a bunch of stuff to it today:
Oil & filter change (switched to Mobil1 full synthetic),
Started the filling with a quart of Lucas full synthetic oil additive,
Fuel filter,
Drain (from the petcock) and refill coolant. Prestone and distilled water,
Trying to find a place to add the sending unit for an (electric) oil pressure gauge,

Work in progress on the console. I'll be driving it across the country in a few weeks, and all of this will have paid off. Found some leather but not sure with a move coming up.


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